What if the weather is bad?
The weather is generally fine. It is rare to have bad weather for the whole of the day. In this unusual event the skipper will liaise with the Charterer and discuss varying the itinerary to avoid the worst of the rain or strong winds.
What if we have to cancel?
If you cancel as a consequence of matters not directly concerning the booking then this is down to you. If cancellation is through severe weather/gale force winds a partial credit to moving the trip to an alternative date is at your discretion.
What shall I wear?
We all hope for a sunny day but even when overcast most people will feel the effects of the sun and experience windburn. It is sensible to bring plenty of sunscreen. Equally we may experience a shower in which case it is advisable to bring a light waterproof anorak or golfing coat. A warm sweater is also handy as the effect of travelling at 30 knots can be cooling even when the sun is shining. Deck shoes should be worn on board, alternatively non marking, not black, rubber soled trainers only.
Can we bring children?
Children are most welcome but they must always be under parental control. We ask for information on their age and weight prior to the booking so that we can equip the boat with appropriate life jackets. What facilities are there? If you feel energetic and want to take a swim, there is a hot shower installed on the bathing platform for warming up afterwards. There is a fully fitted cloakroom (heads) in addition.
Can I drive the boat?
Of course, but only under the strict instruction of the skipper and depending on the sea conditions and proximity of other boats.
How many guests can I bring?
We are currently registered by the  Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) to carry ten guests.
Are you insured?
The boat is fully insured against all risks. Additionally we carry £5,000,000 of third party cover. Similarly the skipper, as a condition of his license, carries personal liability insurance.
Who is in charge?
The safety of our passengers and the boat is paramount. If the skipper feels this is being impaired, for example a guest is under the influence of alcohol he will take whatever action he deems appropriate to maintain safety at all times.
What if I have a complaint?

These are best settled on the spot with a call to the Owner this particularly applies to eg., an onshore restaurant, or, if on board, to the skipper. We have been established for over 25 years as one of the premier charter boats in the Solent and our client list of repeat business includes – BMW, Canon, NHBC, British Gas, HBF, Alno, Mizen Group Retirement Villages plc, Renaissance Villages, Helical Bar plc, Ardmore Construction Group, BWPP.

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